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Chris Sain Net Worth

Chris Sain Net Worth

As of 2023, Chris Sain net worth is around $1 million.

Chris Sain Jr. is a very famous mentor who provides relationship, personal finance, and business advice to college students and professionals as well. During his school days, he was a talented athlete. He wanted to become a professional football player.

All the information about Chris Sain age, height, weight, career, and personal life is mentioned in this article.

Chris Sain’s Real NameChris Sain
Chris Sain Net Worth$1 Million
Birthday/ Date of Birth/ Birth date1987
Chris Sain age35
Height5 ft 7 inches
OccupationStock trading guru, YouTuber

Early Life and Biography

Chris Sain was born in 1987 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Little information is available about his parents and family. However, it is known that he has a younger brother. His brother has spent around 20 years in prison.


Chris joined a high school in Michigan. After his graduation, he played football at Michigan State University. As his financial position was not strong, so he had to face numerous challenges. In 2008, he got his Master of Science in Clinical Social Work from Wayne State University. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D.

Chris Sain Age, Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Chris Sain is 45 years old now. He is 5 feet 7 inches and weighs around 70 kg. No information about his body measurements is available.

Sports Career

Since his elementary school, he has been an athlete and he wants to be a professional football player. This ambition came true when he played football at Michigan State University. Owing to his financial situation, he had to face difficulties.

Moreover, he has considerable school loans and credit card debt. Later, he chose to quit his athletic career in order to pursue other interests. He became an entrepreneur.

Social Media Career

In October 2013, he launched his YouTube channel titled Chris Sain. Until 2020, he was inactive on YouTube. In 2020, he started uploading films about financial guidance regarding stock trading and generating money.

The best video was his $100K challenges which made him popular. Its goal was to allow viewers to leave the corporate plantation and develop accounts from zero to one hundred thousand dollars in a year.

Currently, there are over 470K subscribers and 940 videos. The famous video is titled “OPTIONS ON ROBINHOOD EXPLAINED EASY”. Besides YouTube, he is also active on other social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Facebook: 221K Followers (@chris.sain.14)
  • Instagram: 48.1K Followers (@chris_sain)
  • Twitter: 32.9K Followers (@Chris_Sain)
  • YouTube: 474K Subscribers (Chris Sain)

Career as Motivational Speaker and Coach

After his graduation, Chris Sain began delivering motivational lectures at colleges, high schools, prisons, and detention centers. Through his own example, he teaches people how to overcome poverty, lack of education, hopelessness, and violence.

In addition, he also offers one-on-one investment coaching to individuals. The price ranges from $100 to $1,000 on his website, www.chrissain.com/speaking. In 2008, he started a non-profit organization titled Grand C.I.T.Y. Which aimed at youth, sports, and education.

The basic purpose of the organization is to improve the lives of young people. Besides all this, he also offers a large selection of clothing on his website: www.chrissain.com/shop.

How much is Chris Sain net worth?

Chris Sain net worth is around $1 million, as of 2023.

Chris Sain annual salary is around $150K, as of 2023. The major sources of his income are his professions as a football player, motivational speaker, and YouTube. He has enough money to buy 333,333 Big Macs.

He purchases 20 BMW 3 Series trims. He can also buy 50 Roles GMT-Master II. In addition, he can purchase 50 3.0 carat diamond rings. All these show his whopping net worth.

Personal Life

Chris Sain married Corinthia N. Sain, in 2012. They bother were in a relationship for several years. Currently, they are residing in Grand Rapids. He also has a stepson with her.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) What Is Chris Sain’s Net Worth?

Chris Sain net worth is around $1 million. It comes from his career as a motivational speaker, YouTuber, and football player.

2) What Is Chris Sain’s Current Residence?

Currently, Chris Sain’s residence is in Michigan.

3) Who are the parents of Chris Sain?

Till now, Sain has not shared anything about his parents. It will be shared soon.

4) What Exactly Is Chris Sain’s Portfolio?

Basically, Sain built a public portfolio to teach YouTube viewers how to pick solid dividend stocks. The second portfolio is Chris Sain Portfolio which provides stability by combining growth stocks and blue-chip corporations.

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