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Emily Fernandez Net Worth

Emily Fernandez Net Worth

Emily Fernandez, also known as “Right Cheek”, is a reality TV personality and dancer who gained fame through her appearances on reality shows like “Little Women: Atlanta”.

She is a little person and has been a prominent figure on television, known for her vibrant personality and engaging presence on screen.

From her humble beginnings to her rise to prominence, her story serves as an inspiring testament to the power of resilience and ambition.

Emily Fernandez’s net worth is estimated to be $1,000,000.

FULL NAMEEmily Fernandez
Net Worth$1,000,000.
Date of Birth/Age30th july 1992
Occupation(s)Actress and performer
Celebrated NameEmily Fernandez
SpouseJoe Gnoffo (married since 2015)
Height1.27m (4″ 1′)

Early Life and Biography:

Emily Fernandez, known by her nickname “Right Cheek”, was born on July 30, 1992, in Texas, USA. She was born with achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism.

Emily’s early life was marked by both challenges and determination. Growing up as a little person, she faced unique experiences that shaped her perspective and resilience.

Raised in a supportive family, Emily was encouraged to embrace her individuality and pursue her passions.

She found solace and empowerment through dance, using her talent to express herself and overcome any obstacles that came her way.

As she navigated the complexities of growing up with achondroplasia, Emily’s family and friends provided a strong support system that helped her develop a positive self-image and a determination to succeed.


Emily Fernandez’s career is a remarkable journey that spans the realms of reality television and dance.

Her breakout moment came when she appeared on the reality show “Little Women: Atlanta” a series that provided a platform for little people to share their lives and stories.

Emily Fernandez
Source: Instagram

As “Right Cheek” she showcased her life, struggles, and triumphs, captivating audiences and earning a loyal following.

Her presence on the show not only catapulted her into the spotlight but also opened doors to various opportunities.

Beyond reality TV, Emily’s career extends to the world of dance. Drawing on her passion for dance that began in her early years, she has used her platform to showcase her talent and challenge preconceived notions about what she can achieve.

Her performances, often shared on social media, have not only highlighted her skill but have also inspired others to embrace their own passions without hesitation.

How Did Emily Fernandez Get Famous?

Emily’s ascent to fame can be attributed to a combination of factors that resonated deeply with audiences. Emily’s infectious personality, authenticity, and ability to connect with viewers quickly made her a fan favorite.

The reality TV landscape allowed viewers to witness her unfiltered journey, from personal struggles to moments of triumph. Her willingness to share her vulnerabilities made her relatable and endearing.

Moreover, her active presence on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, provided a direct channel for fans to engage with her life beyond the screen. The ability to connect on a personal level contributed to a dedicated and ever-growing fan base.

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Emily Fernandez’s Net Worth:

Emily’s journey from reality TV personality to a notable net worth is a testament to her ability to navigate the opportunities that followed her rise to fame. She has a net worth of almost $1,000,000.

The recognition she garnered through her appearances opened doors to brand partnerships, endorsements, and appearances that significantly contributed to her net worth.

How Emily Fernandez Makes Money?

Emily Fernandez generates income through a combination of reality TV appearances, brand partnerships, social media influence, dance performances, merchandise sales, public appearances, and potential business ventures.

Her reality TV stardom has not only provided exposure but also a source of earnings. Through collaborations with brands and endorsements, she leverages her popularity to promote products and services.

Active engagement on social media platforms like Instagram leads to opportunities for sponsored content. Emily’s dance skills translate into performances and workshops, contributing to her earnings.


In the world of reality television and entertainment, Emily Fernandez, known as “Right Cheek” stands as a shining example of resilience, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Her journey from a small town to the big screen, as well as her ability to leverage her platform for financial success, is nothing short of inspiring.

Through her appearances on reality TV, her captivating dance performances, and her engagement on social media, Emily has harnessed her unique qualities to build a multifaceted career.

As Emily continues to explore new opportunities and ventures, her journey remains a testament to the potential for growth and transformation in the face of adversity.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1). Who is Emily Fernandez, and why is she famous?

Emily Fernandez, also known as “Right Cheek”, is a reality TV personality and dancer. She gained fame through her appearances on reality shows like “Little Women: Atlanta”.

2). How did Emily start her career in entertainment?

Emily’s career in entertainment began with her appearance on a reality TV series that aimed to provide insight into the lives of little people. Her participation on “Little Women: Atlanta” marked the beginning of her journey from reality TV contestant to a prominent public figure.

3). What contributed to Emily’s rise to fame?

Emily’s rise to fame was a result of various factors. Her authenticity and willingness to share her personal journey resonated with viewers. Additionally, her active engagement on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, allowed fans to connect with her on a more personal level.

4). What can Emily Fernandez’s journey teach us?

Emily’s journey serves as an inspiration for individuals who aspire to overcome challenges and achieve success.

Her story highlights the power of authenticity, resilience, and seizing opportunities. It reminds us that pursuing one’s passions with dedication and determination can lead to transformation and financial growth.


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