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Jungle Jumparoo Net Worth


Jungle Jumparoo Net Worth: Jungle Jumparoo is the most famous kids’ toy brand. It focuses on keeping children safe and active during play. Its net worth is estimated to be around $1M-$5M, as of 2023.

It is known that with this children will be active. The best thing about this is that it is also a tool for people with special needs and those with sensory impairments. All further information about Jungle Jumparoo’s founder, product, headquarters, etc. is mentioned in this article.

Company name Jungle Jumparoo
Founder Rachel and Steve McMurtrey
Product Trampoline and jungle jumparoo play set
Headquarters United States of America
Official website junglejumparoo.com
Jungle Jumparoo Net Worth $1M-$5M (Last Updated 2023)

Who is the founder of Jungle Jumparoo?

Rachel and Steve McMurtrey founded Jungle Jumparoo. It was built by a farmer from Rachel’s hometown. He built variations of the swing, climb, and jump toys and sold them locally. As per the information, in Rachel’s neighborhood, the toy was a famous item so she decided to purchase it for her own children.

It was discovered that the farmer had died before they could contract him. Afterward, they both took over the project themselves. Initially, they invested around $144,000 of their money. Currently, they are totally devoted to the company without another job.

Jungle Jumparoo Shark Tank Deal

Rachel and Steve McMurtrey appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, episode 5 of season 6. They stated that they would replace trampolines with something safer in the toy industry. Both also presented a pitch for a “better way to bounce” and they were looking for $100k for a 20% stake in their business.

Besides this, they also do a “roadshow” at Sam’s Clubs nationwide. An estimated idea says that around 1,200 units were sold in total. However, no Shark was interested in doing business with Rachel and Steve.

What happened to Jungle Jumparoo After Shark Tank Deal?

Although Jungle Jumparoo did not have a deal with any sharks on Shark Tank, they are doing well. At this time, they sell the Jungle Jumparoo at the same price for both the large and the small sizes.

In addition, they also offer a variety of clothing in addition to a variety of accessories like sprinkler systems, pit balls, tube coverts, and a rope swing. As per Jungle Jumparoo’s website, around 117 customers have left 5/5 star ratings.

How much is Jungle Jumparoo net worth?

Jungle Jumparoo net worth is around $1M-$5M, as of 2023.

It is basically a kid’s toy brand. Its major focus is on keeping children active and safe. All the net worth is coming from this platform through selling.

Jungle Jumparoo Shark Tank Update

It regularly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared in the Shark Tank TV show. After appearing in the Tank, McMurtreys saw a huge spike in sales. In 2017, they had another TV show titled “Toy Box”. They could pitch TubeLox, a life-sized 220-piece construction set.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) What is Jungle Jumparoo?

Jungle Jumparoo is a kids toy brand which focuses on keeping children safe and active.

2) How much is Jungle Jumparoo net worth?

As of 2023, Jungle Jumparoo net worth is $1M-$5M.

3) Who are Jungle Jumparoo founders?

Rachel and Steve McMurtrey

4) Where is the headquarter of Jungle Jumparoo?

United States of America


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